Georgetown, Texas History History - est. 1848

Population: 36,462 (2004)

View of the city from Austin Street and 11th Street, 1886. The water tower was used by the local fire department and the fourth county courthouse is visible on the horizon. Georgetown, the county seat for Williamson County. Many businesses, Southwestern University, and the railroad have contributed to Georgetown’s growth. Georgetown was home to Jessie Daniel Ames, state president of the League of Women Voters and anti-lynching advocate.

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The city of Georgetown is named after

A story relayed to historians - Washington Anderson, tells of Georgetown’s beginnings. Anderson and the four other men assigned the task of locating a county seat were enjoying a brief respite under a large oak tree, when Anderson’s cousin and prodigious landowner, George Washington Glasscock, Sr., (view photo) rode upon his mule. Sensing a quick solution to their task, Anderson spoke up, “George, if you’ll give us all the land between here and the San Gabriel River, we’ll make this the county seat and name the town after you.”

His cousin agreed, promptly donating 173 acres, with his partner Thomas B. Huling. Georgetown Texas is the county seat of Williamson County which was formed on March the 13th in the year of 1848. After the early settlers petitioned the State Legislature to create it out of Milam County. But for Three-Legged Willie the county could have been named "San Gabriel" county. It was finally named after Robert M. Williamson aka Three-Legged Willie a Texas statesmen and judge at the time.

Georgetown Light and Water Works
circa 1911

403 W. 9th
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Robert M. Williamson aka 3 legged Willie a Texas statesmen