Recuerdos Mexicanos A History of Hispanic Culture in Georgetown, Texas


Recuerdos Mexicanos:

A History of Hispanic Culture
in Georgetown, Texas

Presented by:
The Los Unidos Club
The City of Georgetown, Texas
Project Coordinator: Brad Stratton

Historical Researchers: Los Unidos Club
Linda Miranda Cisneros, President Angelita Torres Roblez, Treasurer
Editor: Christy Friend
Copyright © 1991; Georgetown, Texas


When we learn American history in school, we all hear about the lives and accomplishments of people like Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. However, we often hear little about the important contributions made by our nation's minority communities. Historians sometimes downplay very interesting and relevant information about minority groups because they are either unaware of their accomplishments or do not recognize their importance. Such omissions are a tragedy because minorities have played an essential role in developing the social, artistic, and political culture of our nation.

The Los Unidos Club and the City of Georgetown, Texas, have compiled this booklet about Georgetown's Hispanic culture as a way to highlight some of the little-known but vital people, places, and events that helped to shape our city's history. Through this cooperative effort, we hope to provide our readers with a new, enriched perspective on the development of our city. We hope you enjoy it.

The book was created from factual information and from the memories of dozens of Georgetown residents. As with any historical account, it is open to interpretation and revision.

We would like to thank everyone in the community who contributed to this booklet. Recuerdos Mexicanos means "Mexican Memories," and many of you have invaluable experiences and memories that deserve to be shared. We're happy to be able to document them.

Linda Cisneros Brad Stratton
Los Unidos Club City of Georgetown

Printing of this publication has been supported, in part, by funding from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service. Funding was administered through the State Historic Preservation Office of the Texas Historical Commission, Certified Local Government Program.

Table of Contents

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  • Early Hispanic Settlers and the San Jose Neighborhood
    Early Settlers 4, The San Jose Neighborhood 6

  • Churches
    The First Hispanic Churches 12. Churches Today 17

  • Schools
    Before World War II 18, After World War II 18, Today 19

  • Business awl Workforce
    The Early Years 20, Hispanic Business Today 23

  • Cultural Events and Activities 24


The story of Georgetown's Hispanic culture is a fascinating account of a community who kept Salive their unique heritage through nearly a century of economic, social, and political changes. The experiences and memories of the residents who have lived through these changing times are important not only because they are interesting, but because they add a new dimension to the history of our city.

Acknowledgements Los Unidos

Historical Committee:

Linda Cisneros, Chair
Llorente Navarrette
Ramona Navarrette
Angie Roblez
Lupe Vasquez

Los Unidos Club Members:

Linda Cisneros, President
Angie Roblez, Treasurer
Rachel Bracamontez, Secretary
Ben & Martha Acosta
Tim and Sandra Alvarado
Patsy and Henry Bracamontez

Frank Carranco
Herbert and Ramona Coronado
Felix and Rosalie Davila
Jacqie Felan
Rafael and Frances Felan
Fred and Ramona Navarrette

Llorente Navarrette
Emilio and Jovita Richarte
Daniel Roblez
Daniel and Lois Vasquez
Henry and Lupe Vasquez
Emma Villareal