Inner Space Cavern (Laubach Cave) Historical Marker, Georgetown Texas

Marker Text

Discovered in May 1963 on land of W.W. Laubach by core-drilling team, Texas Highway Department. Exploration began in November1963 and continues to present. Carved by water from Edwards Limestone, cave lies along the Balcones Fault and is estimated to be 100 million years old. 95 percent of formations are still growing. Cave was apparently open during late Pleistocene (20,000-45,000 years ago). For Bones of many extinct mammals Have been found in debris cones Filling former natural entrances. Remains of saber-toothed cats and mammoths are represented. (1973)

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 30.608074 - Longitude: -97.687929

Address: 4200 S IH-35 frontage road