Walburg, Texas History est. 1881 --- Population: 250 (2003)

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Interior Zion Lutheran Church, Walburg, Texas
Interior Zion Lutheran Church, Walburg, Texas

The Interior of Zion Lutheran Church. Walburg, Texas formerly known as Concordia, is a predominately German-settled community with other ethnic groups such as Wendish, Slavic, Austrian, and Swiss settling in the area.

Church in 2006

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St. Peter Lutheran Church

1924 - 1982
1924 - 1982

St. Peter Lutheran Church History Marker

The St. Peter Lutheran Church was founded on March 31, 1889. By a small group of German settlers. In July,1889, it became a member of the First Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Texas. The first church building was built on this site in 1889. After being served by circuit pastors, the church called its first resident pastor in early 1890.

The present building was constructed in 1930. Many articles from the old church were used in the present structure, including the windows in the chancel. The other windows were gifts at the time of construction.

This congregation continues to serve her risen Lord through witness and service, and has become known as "The Friendly Little Church in the Valley." in memory of Kerney Wolf