Walburg Texas Cemeteries


Note: This cemetery is lost and has melted back in to mother earth. The last time anyone found the cemetery the stones had been broken up and used for a fire ring.

1. William Ake, Sr. (clasped hands carving) Born Jan. 25,. 1815; died Sept. 27, 1879
"Here rests a beloved husband and father"

2. Mary Ann Ake (Clasped hands)

Born March 7, 1826; died July 11, 1880
"Here rests a beloved wife and mother"

3. Miss Mary Ake (Rose carving) Born April 13, 1865; died October 11, 1889

"A precious one from us is gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
Which never can be filled"

Located three miles northeast of Walburg.

Information gathered by Miss Martha Schrock, Bartlett, Texas, 1974