Avery Cemetery - number two

Avery #2 - Rice's Crossing Also known as Stiba Cemetery, Avery Cemetery.

Some time times mistaken for the

Kimbro Cemetery

This cemetery is only about a mile from the other Avery smaller Cemetery. This cemetery is nestled in a grove of trees near the southeast corner of the intersection of FM 973 and FM 1660 - see satellite map.

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 30.4791 - Longitude: -97.4574

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Kimbro Family Cemetery

to clean and preserve the Rice's Crossing cemetery

Members of Troop 190 of Taylor, Texas:
Aaron Gasu, Alex Kauai, Dathan Kauai, James Gordon, Harrison Knittle, Dalton Knittle, Brandon Bostick, Blake Borgholthaus, Zachary Gordon, Seve King.

Family & Friends of Troop 190:
Gabriel Matuk, Erin Nevins, Aubria Hunt, Lauren Case, Vicki Sandoval, Elis Nevins, Michael Nevins, Leigh Gasu, Peter Gordon, Grant Borgholthaus, Steven Mroz, Bonnie Mroz, Randall Belnap, Byron Rolfe, Dan Olson, Joey Belanger, Aaron Mildenstein, Keith Kooyman, Eric Harlow, Russell Eldredge, Chris King, Kelly Bird, Amy Bird, Sharon Case, Dawn Bellamare, Carole Sutton, Jackie Borgholthaus, Meagan Borgholthaus, Page Borgholthaus, Jason Borgholthaus


We will be cleaning up an historic graveyard located on the South side of FM 1660 between the Stiba farm and FM 973. The cleaning will consist of weed eating and mowing about 1 acre of property, remove fallen and overgrown trees and brush, create a sign for the cemetery, and correct any fallen gravestones. This cemetery has not been cared for properly for several years. It is in great disrepair. The grass alone is over 3' high in most places. There is only a couple of gravestones that can been seen above the grass. There are several trees and branches that have fallen over the years, as well as new growth, which need to be cleaned up. This was originally a family graveyard that belonged to the neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Stiba, who are concerned, as they are only able to upkeep their own family's graves. There was another person who used to care for it by spraying to keep the weeds out, but passed away a few years ago. This is one of the oldest graveyards in Williamson County, as it has Civil War graves within.

This will beautify and repair the Rice's Crossing Cemetery (also known as the Stiba Cemetery, Avery Cemetery, and Kimbro Cemetery) that is in extreme disrepair. It will allow people to come and visit the graveyard and search for their ancestors.

This is an Historic Site and needs a great amount of attention to bring it up to par.

People researching their genealogy will be able to visit and see the graves of those whom they search for. It will also allow others to have a great starting point to maintain the property in a proper manner.

The current condition of the cemetery is very bad. It has not been maintained for many years. The grass and weeds are about 3' high. There are fallen trees and branches, and new growth which need to be removed. The cemetery is about 1 acre in size.

What we are planning to do first is have a group of people with weed eaters carefully edge around the headstones without damaging them, as some are very old and fragile, starting by the road and working their way through the the high grass to the far side. Upon returning, they will cut the remaining grass between the headstones.

Following them there will be a team of people using rakes and wagons or wheel barrows to pick up the large amount of grass and weeds that will be cut down.

The grass/weeds will be placed on a trailer and hauled away to the home of Steve Mroz, a neighbor, where they will be burned. We will also have some adults with chain saws that will cut up the fallen limbs and trees, as well as the new growth. Another group will pick up the wood and put it on a trailer for removal from the site and disposed of properly. After cleaning up the site, we will see what gravestones and markers have been pushed over or moved and put them back in their place. The headstones that are damaged will be reported to Williamson County for repairs. A group of people will then photograph and put the gravestone name and location on a map so a final headstone map and picture can be donated to the Moody Museum in Taylor, TX. People will be able to see the actual headstone picture and the exact location of the headstone on the map. A sign for the cemetery will be made and put up. There are no current signs or markers for this cemetery. A hand crafted wood sign will be made with a router and posted in front of the cemetery. The sign will also have the information on the Moody Museum location and hours of operation, so people can get a map of the cemetery and see the headstone with rubbings, if needed, they may be looking for. A copy of the map and pictures of the headstones will be given to the relatives of the deceased.