The Friendship Bridge in Taylor Park, Granger lake


Since the earliest days in Williamson County’s history, bridges have been important. The blackland prairie with its deep stream channels and muddy banks, made travel difficult. The first bridges were low and not built to withstand high water. In the 1880’s stronger iron structures with higher abutments replaced the early bridges and permitted effective all-weather transportation. An iron truss and wood plank bridge could be bought for less than $500.00. The improved bridges allowed the development of cash cropping in the early 1900’s because producers could move crops easily to railheads.

This bridge was originally constructed on Willis Creek around the turn of the century. It was destroyed in September 1921 by a devastating flood which swept the county, causing severe loss of lives and property. The bridge was reconstructed and used until it was dismantled and moved to its present location by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1982.

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GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 30.664416, Longitude: -97.373486