Andice, Texas History est. 1857
Williamson County, Texas

Andice, Texas

Andice, Texas is a small town on the far west side of Williamson County - Andice was originally called Stapp and later renamed Berry's Creek before becoming Andice.

Andrew "Buck" Jackson had a small store near upper Berry's Creek, and became postmaster of Berry's Creek post office, in the fall of 1876. In 1879 Benjamin W. Stapp was appointed the new postmaster.

Andice Newton

Andice Newton was born in 1899 son of a pastor and applied for a post office, requesting that it be named "Audice." Postal officials misread the name, approved the office as "Andice," Andice was appointed postmaster in 1899.

Andice is located about 18 miles west of Georgetown on Highway 2338 and 10 miles south of Florence on Highway 970. The site was settled in the early 1850s and developed a cattle industry after the Civil War when wheat and cotton were significant local crops.

ANDICE, TEXAS est. 1857 Population: 25 (2003)

WWII soldiers Gene Howland, Gene Pearson, and Grady Howland (L to R) in downtown Andice were on leave from duty in 1941. Andice was misnamed for “Audice,” the name of the son of the local pastor who applied for a community post office in 1899.

Courtesy of Connie Kanetzky

Three soldiers by car,
l-r: William Eugene Howland, Gene Preston Pearson, and
Howard Grady Howland, Andice, Texas, during a furlough in WWII - 1940

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General Store

Community Center-School

Cemeteries in the Andice area

Andice Cemetery
The Keating Cemetery (from Georgetown) was relocated to the Andice Cemetery by the Corp of Engineers because of the North Fork/Georgetown Lake.